What is your preferred 2-Stroke Premix Oil?

Currently, i'm torn between the Maxima Castor 927 and the Castrol A747.

However, both of them are a bit on the high side. (price wise).

Any of you guys have any recommendations on other premix oils in the market ? 


Thanks in advance guys. Cheers.



best Oil -- also for the money!





approved up to 30000 RPM!





also our 2 stroke premium oil.....

What about for 2T injection

there is so many oils to choose from, it really comes down to personal preference, they all perform very simialar, depending whats available in your country? you may like to read up on Neo oils or you may like to buy the cheapest 100% synthetic 2T for injection and add polytron to it before you put it in the oil tank.