What is the difference between Px125 oil pump and PX200 Oil pump

Sip sell two type of oilpump

For P80-125X/PX80-150E/EFL/'98/MY/Cosa 125-150/P150S automatic mixing pump

(No.23893200, 22161200)

For P200E/PX200E/EFL/'98/MY/T5/Cosa automatic mixing pump

(No.23887500, 22161400)


I presume, P200 oil pump pumps more than p125's. Am i  right?

So. these parts are have dimensional differences ??

I have px125 Oil Pump Cap (no. 23893200) this part fit for PX200 oilpump (no. 22161400)???

I 'm gonna order px200 oil pump. if px 125 oil cap fit for 200 oil pump. I want to order only

PX200 oilpump (no. 22161400)



PLs. give me any advice for this matter

THank you

Hi dude


I´ve just checked the measures.

The 200 pump should fit in your carburetor.


Du you still got a 24 carb ? Or are you using the 20 ??


If you dont got the 24 i recommend you to take the hole carb in combination with the carb. housing that includes also the oilpump.