What is the best crank to get for a Vespa Pk 50 s with a 110cc kit and upgeared kit?

I have a new engine to put into my vespa and it has and upgeared kit on it plus a 110cc kit on it! I needa large taper crank but with all these makes im not too sure which one is the best!


Any help would be great! Thanks

The best and strongest by far is a std piaggio crank, save yourself a heap of money and cut 15 - 19mm off the left hand crank, then polish the whole crank and there you have a home gas flowed crank with extended inlet timing (be sure to tape the big end up so no swarf enters the big end bearing!!)

just use a std vespa 90 gear kit it will be perfect with a 19/19mm carb and sports exhaust, if your a lightweight you will hit 55-60mph !!

good luck.




this crank is the right one for your cylinder.



For that money i would not cut any old material........




With 110cc, 19 mill carb and upgearing to 2.86 ratio its a little wild runner.