What is the best "bolt on" kit


I need to replace cylinder and piston on my LML Vespa 2001 150 cc. I decided to use this oputunity and upgrade it. I want simple "bolt on" solution. I do not want to alter the case. Preformance wise I want more low end torque and reliability. Top speed as it was with old cylinder (arround 100 km/h) is enough for me.

Will D.R. 177 kit do what I want? 

Thanks for your help.


before someone can tell you something, please more info...

what kind of casing do you have...a 150 ccm with reed valve inlet?
what kind of exhaust... the original one like it comes with the LML engine?

The exhaust is original. You lost me with "reed valve inlet". Everything on the engine is still original. It is 2001 LML. I was told that it is version of PX 150 engine.


A 177 DR + SIP Road exhaust, maybe a SI 24 carb + a clutch plate with 1 teeth more than the original would do...