What is my scoot type? (Indonesia)

Greetings from Bali!

I am a motorcycle enthusiast, not a fansboy of 4-strokes or 2-strokes. Well, at home I have a Vespa scoot, my dad bought it fresh from the showroom around in '97 - '98. Information I got, from the paper that came with the scoot, domestic article, badge on the scoot. My scoot is Vespa P 150 XE Excel 1997 (this is the correct one, I has a mistype in vespa oldtimer threads, I type PX 150 E)

It has a square headlight, electric starter (it is broke at this moment, cause by a gear that connect electric motor starter to the flywheel), a visoron the headlight. Then question came up, when I start to search some part in our lovely site (sip-scootershop.com) I am confused to choose my scoot type, to avoid wrong part installed. In the site, there are PX 150 E '98 / millennium and PX 150 E Lusso/Acrobaleno ..... 

Any information, which type  should I choose for my type of scoot, will be helpful..

Molte grazie! :) 

i think you can use T5 spare parts for your Excel, excel is very similar with T5, i have that 1 too (excel 97 maroon), and its look like excel is spec down from T5, because T5 have 24 24 carb and RPM meter in the speedometer but only have 125cc and many more i think