What is a turret in the clutch?

could you pinpoint where is the turret portion in the clutch??

sir larocca could you help me on all my questions please. 

what do you mean with turret ?

I would assume you're using a COSA type clutch. Lurching is the common problem with these clutches, as the "turrets" are not deep enough for the plates to seperate when you engage the clutch, even if properly adjusted. The "turrets" are the blank spaces in the clutch housing where the clutch plates slides in to. I hope you got the idea. If you have a spare one out, measure it. Usually it goes only 19mm - 20mm deep. I cut mine to 22mm to give enough room for the plates to seperate, solving the lurching issue. Hope this helps.

hi sir larocca thanks so much for replying my question. ok with regards to turret i got an answer on this forum about my problem with my px200 that wont stop in moving forward even if the clutch is engaged.

here's the advice i got.... make sure the turrets are at a depth of 21mm. Lots of the pattern clutchs seem to be supplied with a depth of about 19mm, which will cause the motor to "creep" or lurcg at take off.



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great got it well explained about the "turrets" now i know what to do. thanks much appreciated dude!