What harness?

Hi all
i want fit a PX200 engine on my GS160
and i still want have battery but i don’t
know what harness should i use?
my stator is 7 cable and DUCATI ignition!
please tell me what harness should i use !

Yes you can use the old loom as long as it is in reasonable condition. Is the PX engine a battery one? or do you not have it yet? Which stator is the Ducati? PX or GS? you may have to change the brake light switch as there are two different sort both working the opposite way from each other. You will also have to adapt the handlebar switch. It’s all possible. Where are you? It’s probably best to get a wiring diagram from one of the shops that specailise in this sort of thing.

Hi dirk thanks for your reply!
and i want fit the PX200 engine on my GS160
and i want my GS160 still have battery!
what parts should i use? my px engine have
battery stator!
and how about the brake light switch?what different
ac and dc?

personally,i would bin the GS wiring and either make a custom loom without indicators or use the px loom with the indicator circuits removed,that could get a bit tricky though!
remember,for reliability,you should try to use the px electronic ignition.
it may be possible to mate the px stator to the gs wiring loom but without a gs wiring diagram i can’t make any comments on that.