what exhaust

hi just wanting to knom how far out beyond the motor the jl right hand rz protrudes. am running a tuned sip malossi barrel ,mbd reed block ,v force 3, vespa tronic, 30mm phb with power jet, pm evo pipe, all set up and dynod, 21.92 bhp . told the pm pipe may be restricting this set up . opinions on pipes welcome. [;)]cheers .

nice one .been looking at the dse serie pro ,no reveiws on this one on sip site, trying to get 25/26 hp all getting a bit expensive .but supose you get what you pay for and pay for what you get.

Both of the above rev more freely than your PM.

The RZ right hand pipe is excellent but so is the Taffspeed Righthand which is now back in production and for sale via a well known internet auction site amongst other places.

25+ BHP in real terms is a tall order and sometimes the subject of tall tales LOL, the righthand pipes are amongst the most likely to get you up in that region. RZ / JL / Taffspeed are much of a muchness - decide on the basis of price I reckon??