What exhaust pipe do you recommend me?

I want to change to the exhaust pipe of my vespa thing 125 of year 91.

I have watched in this pagina and I like three exhaust pipes:

1.- Racing exhaust LEOVINCE PX80-150/Sprint/GTR/GT/Super/Vespa125-150
2.-Racing exhaust POLINI PX80-150 Sprint/GTR/GT/TS/Super/Vespa 125-150, with alu silencer
3.-Racing exhaust SIMONINI PX80-150, right, with carbon silencer, silencer l=200mm,d=50mm, chrome

I would like you said to me who goes better for my vespa.

What is the meaning of: Halter muss modifiziert werden

What modifications I need to make to mount anyone of these exhaust pipes???

Thank you very much

Try adding your question to the Vespa forum.

is your motor tuned


if your engine is standard I would stay for sure with a standard exhaust.


If i had the choice of those 3 id go for the simonini as ive heard they are the best of the italian exhausts

If you must/want change exhaust and if you have standard engine fix Sito+ and change main jet (standard carbs 125 have 96 or 98 - change to 100 or 102)