What else do I need/should to buy for Polini 177 ccm racing cylinder kit?


I would like to buy a Polini 177 ccm racing cylinder kit for a Vespa PX125E (1982), but I need help to find the those parts what I should change for a better performance.

I don't like to race, I just like to have a fast, reliable Vespa for long trips.

You know I'm thinking of exhaust, carburetor...etc. I just would like to know what I exactly must buy to change.

As far as you see I am new in this, so please give me links for those product what you recommend.

Thank you very much!

Cheers from Hungary/UK!


for reliability and long trips i  recommend you the 177 dr with 24 si carb !!!!

with a 23/64 transmission

Thank you very much for you help!