What does 17/40 Malossi gear up kit mean?

Hey guys any of you know home much power increase e.g. 25% ........ 30%   Etc.   

A primary 17/40 malossi gear up kit will do on a yamaha jog r aircooled scooter?


Cheers josh wilz

hey … there is no power increase  …  in fact you will loose some of you’re acceleration power …but because the gear is longer or taller as they are known  that power lost in accel is added to top speed  for example a 15% taller gear would give up to 12mph top speed increase … of course depending on  the power starting with  say malossi mhr or polini evo   or 172 cc .  primary gears and secondary gears  that are taller  there is no difference between the two … but u can only put in one taller either primary or secondary… 

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