What do think of this?

Hi People,
I’m after some feed back if you don’t mind. Click on Forumpics and take a look at the yellow PX chassis and side panels photo. What do you think ? Be honest if you think it looks like custard ,don’t be shy!
Cheers Curious Paul

Cheers Ade,
Glad somebody’s taken the time to reply. Next time I’ll post with „Suzuki RM 250 watercooled turbo conversion??“

Yes, it probably would stand out in a cold, wet and windswept campsite in an unforgiven British seaside town. if I was in Ol’ Blighty, but alas I’m still here in Thailand dodging Tsunamis and Thai policemen!

My scoot should be another few weeks until completely finished, that’s what various Thai vespa people have been telling me for the last eight months! So who knows?


P.S. Before,you posted some photos of your Vespa on the Bulletin Board and not in Forumpics. How?

Hi Shaun see you there mate, only doing saturday cos of a mates wedding friday.

Cheers Ade.
Have a good sumer on the Runs.

I like it Paul, stands out well, you wouldn’t lose it in a campsite.

Nik, look on the left of the site, forumpics is under the bulletin board title.

I can’t see forum pics, so would if I could!?[:look:]
see ya at yeovil ADE!

Stupid question tme:

Where’s forumpics?[I)]

Paul I put the pics up of my thumb throttle conversion. When you are typing a reply, at the bottom of the box above the „post reply/Vorschau“ bit is a browse box, click that and you should be able to load photos. Ade.