What crankshaft should i choose for my PK50XL2

im going to use the winter to tune a 1996 pk50xl2 and i have gotten a 112cc malossi, 24 dellorto, simonini left hand and are going for a polini reed intake. and i want to know wich crank that is best for this setup. the worb5 special lip maybe? and wich of them? the 20\20? or is the 125 XL2 possible to fit with some sort of convertion bearing kit?





I think with a 112 Malossi  and a 24 Carburetor the Special Lip Worb 5 (item code 46110000) you´l get a great Setup.

The 20/20 cone is absolutley enough.


Rock on !

thanks again :) awesome.