What crank shall I buy for a Vespa p200e -81

I bought a p200e -81 last year with some issues, one of them is a typical Vespa thing and it is vibrations. I have heard that a newer balanced crank could help with that, I also have to overhaul the engine this winter du to a Rattling from the crank bearing. The previous owner drove it without the plastic cover over the cylinder... My goal is to have a almost vibration free strong long tourer and commute Vespa. I recently bought a athena 210 dirt cheap and will stick with that for now. http://www.athenaparts.com/eng/kits/view/192/cast-iron-cylinder-kit-210-cc . I also have a 26 is bolted to it, there are so many cranks to choose from and I really need som expert help! I have found one that seems god but who knows?? http://www.sip-scootershop.com/en/products/flowed+racing+crankshaft+serie_45013000

thanks for all help


Eric in Sweden




Hi, avoid mazzucchelli and pinasco as I know for sure they are not well balanced. I think meceur and tameni-drt should be better balanced, ask sip before buying it (but not here in the forum, better to contact them via email so that they open an assistance ticket and will reply for sure). The best balance is the so-called (translating fro Italian) "12 o'clock".