What colour is this Sprint?


Does anyone know what colour this Sprint '72 is?



Link to Sprint 150: [View:http://share.ovi.com/media/marjani1970.diverse/marjani1970.10047]

thanks a lot.

According to Vespa paint codes I found here http://www.scooterhelp.com/scooters/paint.codes.html

it could be ascot green or vallombrosa green or kelly green. I can't seem to find a match with this 150 sprint '72.

Fyi I'm planning to buy this one so I'm doing some investigation first. Maybe this bike is repainted?

Here's an example I found on kelly green: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thomashawk/4416169947/



i've done a bit of checking around... don't know for sure - but from what i found on the web, vespa offered a "kelly green" in 73. couldn't find anything for 72 - but it looks kelly green to me. kelly is a brighter/lighter green - my eyes beleive. i found this info on www.scoot.net

maybe that will atleast give you a start. hope that helps.



that flickr photo of kelly green is very weather worn - and i don't know if you can really tell what the color started out looking like. (and, that doesn't look like kelly green to me anyways.)

i found some ascot green photos of things other then a vespa - and i don't think the sprint is ascot.

here http://modernvespa.com/forum/topic76309 i found a photo of a vespa and the owner says it is vallombrosa green. the sprint you're planning on buying looks - more "lighter/brighter"and maybe more "primary" green which is hard to explain, but if you if you look on a color palet that's the green my eyes see-"kelly green". (out of the three green's we've come up with anyway.)

and yes, it is alway a possibility that someone repainted it. did the person who owns it now have any info for you? you can always try to take it to a paint shop and have them computer color match it. just keep in mind that if it's a 72 - the color has probably changed/faded a good bit since it was new.

i say if the scooter is in good mechanical shape and you're getting it at a price you're willing to pay - get it, enjoy it and don't let the color issue be too big of a factor.(unless you plan on tring to restore it to original condition.) it's been fun. keep me updated. let me know what you find. and, later...