What can you tell me about this 5 speed kit?

I had posted this on the SIP comments board but it’s going un-noticed there.

Is this kit a remake of the one that used to be around in the 80s or is it a redesign? The one from the 80s had thin cruciforms that would break & the teeth would strip off the (also thinner)cogs, Is this one for sale here more reliable?

Anyone know?


Im itching to try one but im going to wait and see if they break first. The ad in Scootering said tested for 800kms-big deal. If they last a season then im getting one-just think a big hill,the wind behind you and aTS1 in your sights!
The 5th gear ratio looks well tall. I think you might have to run 20/68 primarys maybe?

Haven’t a clue!!! but, they state that you need the old style spindle(the one with out the notches/double circlip, that they put in to stop it jumping!!) so would need a diffrent selectorbox(or do you get one?) so unless they have improved it by putting in the notches/cutaways which they haven’t! it must be the shite ones!!
Or is that a no, SIP!
or am I banned![:D]

In a Malossi longstroke +reed + 33 carb and all the usual work that goes with it, after 3600km a problem happened with the teeth, but i don’t know of which version of this 5 gear conversion my friend was using.
I should investigate a little. If I have some more info I will keep you updated.

I personally like to use the standard 4 gear since it makes the spare parts always and ready available.

C’mon, Someone must know.

They give you a new Selector Box, Gear ratios, Christmas Tree, Kickstart Idle Gear and Cruciform