What am I looking at?

I'm interested in what's being advertised as a 1999 Aprilia SR50, injected, liquid cooled scooter. I can't find anywhere that puts those specs together in 1999. Exactly what am I looking at? Is this a Ditech or has the owner got some facts crossed. I am located almost 300 miles from the scooter (in the US) and it seems I'm dealing with some people that are less informed than myself. Pictures are not telling me what I need to know. I know the late 90's were pivotal years for Aprilia's scooters so if all specs presented to me are correct, I'll make the trip to take a closer look. It looks pretty good in the pictures and I believe I can buy it for $300 to $400. Or if somebody can give me the questions I need to ask in order to get the information I need to verify what it is I would be happy also. I had to ask 3 times to find out the year.

Thanks so much,

Bill [email protected]



it will be not so good if you buy an injetion scoot.

They are mostly impossible to tune up right.


Also the spares are very hard to get. (Di-tech is very very hard)


Better is you look for a carb scoot.


They are easy to tune - and spare parts are good available