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hi ronnie

i have the same model like u and would like to boost my scooter as well. i want something that's easy to install and doesn't require any big changes. did u already get some feedback? if so,it would be great if u could share them with me.



Hi Guy............

iam based in stockholm, i just got my honda zoomer stolen and got insurance money back, iam going to buy a vespa S  50cc 2 stroke in feburary and i was wondering what parts i need to buy to trim the bike to go faster? also is there any stores in germany that would ship to stockholm as i want the vespa s in orange and in sweden we only have black and white.


best regards

Ronnie mcdonald


Will your scooter be restricted like thay are in england. If so just take the washer out of the variator easy to do also use a bigger main jet when youve removed the washer. Ive gone from 27mph to 46mph i did change the exhaust as well nothing special just an aftermarket unrestricted one. Im adding a mallosi fillter heavyish rollers. My aim is 50mph.

hi glimoto,

what do you mean by "maximum gicleur" and "limiter input air"


Cheers Hartley

hello! I decided to add some information, remove the ring limiter, change the maximum gicleur to 64, remove the limiter input air in the carburetor, you can replace the exhaust but not necessary to do so, simply remove the elbow which is the curve of escape. the wasp will be much better. in Portugal there is a sale with the color orange "Taormina", you should ask conessionario Vespa can order, because that would be produced.