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I've got ET 4 125 (leader engine) and like to change piston for biger one - 150 cc or for malossi 200cc piston kit. Have I  also to change something else for example what with CDI unit. Is the same in 125 cc and in 150 cc. And what with CDI unit in the case of mallossi 200 kit?


Grazie molto e saluti di Polonia :)

Hello Piotr,

Let's say you go for a MALOSSI racing cylinder kit 187cc (art no M3111393). We would recommend changing your gearing transmission to a longer transmission 15/41 (art no M6712067) to get better top speed, replace your original variator by a MALOSSI Multivar (art no M5111397) and get yourself a new clutch (art no M5211821) for better throttle response. You'll only have to experiment with the roller weights in your new Multivar a little for perfect adjustment to your engine set-up.




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