Weird smallframe engine sound


I have just rebuilt my engine with a new crank and new flw\cluch side bearings an new smallend bearing and new gudgeon pin. The ingine makes a clicking sound when i push the kick and a rumbeling sound when idling, wich raisese to a buzz at higer RPM.

Otherwise it runs like a champ.

could the be a bad wodruff key? or the fact the the fly.side oil seal got pushed a little bit to far inn?

or do i have som bustet bearing (how could that happen, they ar new, only got 14 km on the engine after the rebuild (yes i am breaking it in propperly)


Could be the spring on the kick start return not being bedded in properly or it could be the clutch side woodruff. The small frame will still run with a dodgy woodruff because the clutch sits down into the basket that is fixed in place.[:smokin:]