Website opinions

I like the new website, it is very very complicated, I’d say
sophisticated. This is very nice, feels like in a supermarket. But it
requires a lot of polishing, overall I feel a little like it is a draft
not a finished thing.

I cannot use „back“ button, it does not work in my copy of Opera, speed
of the site is nice. Every now and then english is mixed with german,
for instance I do not know what are Sip CashPoints because explanation
is suddenly in german, which I do not know. Even the registration page
has birth date in german as my wife told me, she has a limited german

Then it was not obvious that my cart will be saved when I click
„logout“, few times I lost my cart when I just closed the webpage
without clicking „logout“.

The the browsing in the webshop feels incomplete. For instance I was
not able to find roller sets with ease. Where are they? I found them
some how and ordered a set, but it was not easy. You have to choose
your scooter model first, then something else and where I am suposed to
find roller weights? The search is far from perfect too, typing
„roller“, „rollers“ or „roller set“ returns anything but not roller
sets. Same problem I had with choosing a v-belt.

Another problem is that v-belts only feature part number, and no sizes, which is inconvenient.

Also I did not find my scooter Yamaha Grand Axis in the scooter list,
so I had to choose Aerox 100, which is a relative. Grand Axis is
getting quite popular in Russia.

I was not able to enter my mobile phone number, whatever I tried the
system was telling me the number was invalid or something, I only was
able to continue when I left the mobile number field emty.

There are minor problems but very annoying and time consuming, many
links simply do not open, for instance when I wanted to enter forum,
and read what others talk, it took me 10 minutes to just reach the
forum index page! The problem can be described like the
following:  if you choose SIP-Community from the drop down (no the
left menu) then you cannot enter the forum, you get „Message not
found“, but if you use left menu navigator, you can.

Another thing is that you can order unlimited amount of free items. For
instance there are free catalogs and you can add as much as you like,
of course it would be nice to have a couple of free catalogs to give to
friends, but I believe it is a bug, the amount should be some how
limited per order.

Both search and advanced search are far from what I’ve used at google.
Aside from unexpected and irrelevant results, I was not able to search
withing results, I was not able to display all found items at once or
sort the output any way.

Also I feel that the ordering system is not correctly programmed,
because for my little order of 3 kg of goods, $116 in total, I was
informed to pay $257 delivery charge, which is meaningless, such a high
price is simply meaningless.

Website is great, navigation is sequential and logical. At times there a small little bugs here and there, but apart from that it is great. Compared to other scootershop sites this is a very professional laid out site, if further improvements are in the making I’m looking for to them making a great site to an excellent site.

in the eyes of a computer technician i think its a fantastic site but i do know german so i dont really have any trouble there i think it is categoreised brilliantly and the website design is top quality and well thought out not like other tacky scootershop sites, the other sites may work but they need to get a website designer and get a proper job done with a good layout

Hi Yakov,

thanks a lot for your elaborate and comprehensive website review. This is really very helpful and I copied all your information and we will really work on that.
A more relevant search result list is already in works. In general, we have a pipeline full of new and helpful features, no effects but really small and big things to improve the shopping and surfing experience.
Again thanks, and we promise to improve all the time!


very good web site but some thinks dont work at times like when you what to leave your opinions on the stuff you have order off your website overall its a very nice website