Webshop : 10% off for a 500E order ???


Last saturday, I tried to have by phone the SIP online and I only succeeded in having the SIP responder (a charming female-intonated voice).

The responder said that from a 500 euros order, 10% free were granted.

After a simulation of my order, I did not have any reduction.
I call the hotline which announces that it's on the second order…
But I had already made an order previously.

After reflexion, the SIP hotline leaves me another not very convincing argument : only German buyers were entitled to this reduction !!!

Great !!! for a site which wants to be international !!!
Who can confirm ? SIP ? someone else ?



Yesterday, I’ve done a new order over than 500 euros (will I be in " SIP best customers Top10" ? I hope so…they should take care about my requests :wink:

I hope that the sales department will keep to its commitments...because on the website, nothing appear concerning that discount of 10 % !



I've called the german hotline (tks to accept to speak english), because the french one was off all saturday.

The unique only solution to profit from this 10% off is to place a 1st order of more than 500 euros then to spend a second orders of more than 500 euros which will be reduced from 10%...

SIP should be more precise in its hotline responder to avoid a waste of time and especially to announce false commercial sentences.