Weak spark??

Hi everyone,

Different subject - Ive been having trouble starting with my Rally 210 Ducati ignition.

Initially I thught it was carb set up but checking the plug it appears I have a very weak spark - barely visible when kicking it over.

Anyone got any ideaswhat the likely cause will be? - hopefully it’s the Coil not the Sator plate

Ive changed the HT lead & cap to no avail - Ive got a new CDI coil on its way - £32 rather than £120 for a stator!

Any comments appreciated.


…you have changed many thing but have you tried with another spark? the electrodes distance could be too much.
If you have a Malossi kit try with a Bosch W3CC

Yeah sorry first thing I did was to change the plug - twice in fact - I also reduced the gap but still a sad excuse for a spark!

Hoping its the coil!