Water Cooled Head for P200


I contacted SIP last week about this but have yet to get a reply.


I am working on a water-cooled P200 engine and wanted to get the SIP water-cooled head. I am having trouble determining what other items I need to get for the head. So the questions I have are:


1) The picture shows a thermostat, but the description reads "it’s standard that thermostat and temperature pickups are mounted with the cylinder head. They are absolutely necessary and should be ordered as well. So do I need to order the thermostat as well?


2) What is the "temperature pickup"? I cannot find anything with that name on the SIP website.


3) Does anyone know the outer diameter of the water inlet and outlet? I wanted to get some hoses in advance.


Thanks for any help you can offer!





i also have been trying to get more info on building up a watercooled p200 engine but didn't get any answers. did you get any answers? any help? did you build up that water cooled p200 engine? and if so, how was the build? and did it work out?