Anyone know anything about warp drives? i think i,m encountering problems with warp core on my T5, she will only run at half impulse power and will not reach warp capability at all.maybe i need new dilithium crystals,or maybe my mixtures wrong or my plugs had it.Think i could be venting palsma from the stern [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]

Borg assimilation would be good, as they have mastered temperal displacement technology, which means i could hop my T5 and arrive at my destination hours or even days before i left…now thats quick[:rotate:]

Damn inertial dampers! replaced them once already this year, time for some Sebacs me thinks;D

[:D] Depends on the age of your Plasma ‚exhaust‘.
Could need a de-coke.
Or it could be the first stages of assimilation into the Borg collective[:smile:]

Its an easy query this one- the power loss is down to your inertial dampeners being off-line. Failing this cleaning out Jeffrey Tubes should sort out any temperal flux[:dance1:]