Wanted : comments on the SIP 'Performance' exhaust for spare wheel

Hi there,

Is anyone using this exhaust?


Want to know if you really can use the spare wheel and remove the rear wheel if you get a flat and replace it with the spare without removing this exhast.

Thanks in advance



using the sparewheel is no problem


but if you want to change your rear wheel you have to remove it


the only exhaust on the px that works without removement is the original or the sito pipe

Lets be honest: In my experience using the sparewheel is a problem, is posible but not easy.

The Polini and the JL Riht, in my experience, do work without removement. 

oh you´re right


i forgot about the righthand !


good choice

Awesome exhaust...but you cant carry a spare under the panel and you have to remove exhaust for rear wheel removal, also spare bracket will hit exhaust so needs to be bent out the way,

I carry a foot pump and spare tube