Voltage regulator 6V


Hi there,


I have a Sprint and SS180 (w/o battery) originally restored (6 volts) and have a general bulb problem. On longer rides they tend to burn out and once one burns, they all do. It’s not a problem to replace them, takes only about 5 minutes but besides burning money out of my pocket it makes me mad and sometimes unsafe. On VWD in Zell Am See, on the way down from Grossglockner there was this dark, wet and narrow tunnel. Since it was a day I didn’t notice that my bulbs burned out. I’ve entered the tunnel pretty fast and almost crashed into the damn wall.


I’ve asked around if this is happening to others and it turns out it does. Since this wasn’t happening to my father and others that have driven these 6V Vespas when they were brand new, I’ve came to conclusion that the 6V bulbs we can buy on the market now are generally bullshit quality.


So, since I like having them on 6V and have no intention to convert them to 12V, does any of you know if there is a 6V voltage regulator on the market, how do I install it and will it help? I’ve heard that old Tomos and Jawa mopeds have had this regulator but I can’t find it. Anyone? Thanks

Do you allready checked it if you got the same problem like me in the past ?






Thanks for the reply, I'll check.

Thing is, they both run perfectly so I don't think this will be the problem solution.

Hi dude,


I´ve allready checked for you if there is any regulator.  I can´t find any 6V regulator, there is one part but its for the battery chargement.


Do you checked the coils on your ignition plates ?

Maybe one of them is bad.





I don't know how to check the coils. Any ideas?

Anyway, I will buy this voltage regulator: ebay link and give you a feedback.

I will use two of them, for position/speedo bulb circuit and for horn/headlight bulb circuit.

If any of you have a better idea, please let me have it. Thanks

Hi dude 


i´ve got another idea !


Please check your wiring harness if there is any damage ....

For the moment i don´t know the correct resistance for your stator plate coils.


I will try to find out something






I've checked the gap and it's fine.

I don't know what was your problem in the past, you've only mentioned your friend's gap problem with V50.

Anyway, I'll try to locate this voltage regulator but should I look for 6 Amp one or higher (Total power on the line is about 36 Watts, so Current should be 6 Amp).

Hi dude


Maybe it´s about the breaker. the measure between the contacts have to be 0,3mm.

Please check it on both scooters. I know that a friend of mine had a similar problem with his 6 volts V50.



In low refs the engine stopped. And in high refs the bulbs crashed.