Voltage Ignition VESPATRONIC, 20mm (50006000)

Hi SIP community,

Let me first introduce myself as this is the first post here. My name is Juan. My passion for the vespas started at age 16 when my parent bought me a PK75XL. I have used it for more than 16 years and I had to repair it many times so I got familiar with it.

Two years ago I run my first Resistance race for Vespas and now me and some friends have a racing team.

Some months ago we bought a Ignition VESPATRONIC for our PK125XL. The performance is outstanding and seems to be very resiliant (fingers crossed). Now we need it to feed a battery and a car phone charger. The connections were done following the instructions provided in the kit.

We see something that we are not sure if it is correct. The voltage provided is not stable.

- if nothing is connected to the wire that goes to the battery (positive) we get 5-9 volts depending it is in idle or we give gas.
- if we connect the car phone charger or the battery, the volts start going up and down from around 10 to 35 volts. We have not kept tha battery or the car phone charger connected for a long time since we do not want to break anything. What is more or less constant are the Amps (5-6A).

Our question is if this is normal or we should get 12-15 volts continuously. Also if this high voltage can damage the battery or the charger. As I said, the amps are more or less stable 5-6A. 

Notice that since it is a race vespa it does not have bulbs, horn, etc., and most of the wires that go to the handle bar were removed.

Hope someone has played or knows this ignition and can help us.

Many thanks!