Volcano affecting deliveries

has the volcano affected deliveries to UK due to planes been grounded?

i think most people in europe are suffering, i hope it doesn't effect my trip to cobblesoul this weekend.

We have had no official statements on that from DHL or UPS but I am quite sure that all airports shut down throughout middle europe would affect the delivery times of parcels. They can put most of their stuff on the road or on railway but there will be delays.


Let´s hope the vulcano shuts down in the next days ....

ma questo problema interessa anche l'italia? io ho ordinato delle cose giorno 8 e giorno 9 sono partite con dhl, ma io fino ad oggi non ho ancora ricevuto niente, come mai? 

other than in march the last time this one erupted it lasted 18 months





perfavore scrivi nel forum italiano.




why can't he reply in this topic?