VNB6 from 125 to 177 cc

Here is  a question to all of you; what  do you recommend to change and do to the standard 125 cc engine when upgrading it to 177; let me know what you guys have done.


Mig not the PX...the original VNB large frame 125 cc.....but it is academic now because I have already done it....but thanks

do you talking about the px engine ?

hi ...


i think that the  pinasco dont will fit perfectly because of the ports ...


betterto use the 177 dr (fitts better with the ports)




I am working on a 125 vnb engine and i want to use the pinasco 177 2port.

Witch cilinder did you use and what other chance's did you have to do?

Also what was the result in power and speed?


PK 125 S