Vnb 10" wheel conversion

want to do a 10" wheel conversion on my vnb can anyone tell me what forks i need to use or any modifications i need to make

This should fit the bill.


is good for driving but be carefull by breaking-use a harder Spring, too

if not you will make a 360 when the tire stops at the fender.

look for this thats all what you need - in a kit + spring



could i use this with my original forks........


   Conversion kit from 8" to 10"
brakedrum fron and rear, incl.
brakeshoes, dustcover and
speedo drive

Art.-No. J50015100
Weight: No weight available
Unit of quantity:

Size does matter! Our conversion kit from 8" tyres to 10" tyres provides improved road usability of your Vespa OIdimer scooter. Higher ground clearence, better cruise control and dramaticaly enlarged variety of useable tyres are the reward for those getting their hands on our conversion kit. The Kit contains all necessary items for the front- and rear wheel. Installing is rather simple.

Please don´t forget to order new rims (see recomendations) and tubes and tyres!