VNA VNB ? Help from Spain



looking the catalog you have all the parts sorted for VNA VNB etc, here in Spain we have our own Vespa factory and we have not the same denomination , ¿ there is a link where to check what we have??? or what mean VNA VNB Etc.etc. ?? , to know what to look for in the catalog.





the best ting for you would be to check the website for specialized parts (unique to Motovespa) and order the rest at SIP.

that's how I did it on my Spanish '66 Sprint.

Thanks for that link...very useful

Hi daniel !

This is a bit a problem ...


In my expirience the best way would be to ask before purchase.

There is one site in the web that can be helpfull, it´s

There you can find an extra section for spanish vespa.


Also the enignes are often different. So the best would be if you send pictures from the engine before you order engine parts.