Vna to vbb restauration

Hi all,

I own a 1958 VNA Vespa on 1963 VBB papers. It is an import from Indonesia.

At the moment I bought te Vespa I had no knowledge at all about what to buy and where to go.

As I learned later on, import Vespa's have a bad reputation on restauration.

As I did not like the color, I made the decision to strip the bike entirely and do an entire restauration myself.

Than I can be absolutely shure everything is done correctly.

During the process of stripping I bounced on some issues and i hope you can help me out here.

1st problem: When I tried to pull the back brake cable it got jammed and I can not move it anymore. I already tried heating and wd40 but unfortunately no luck. Pulling it from the other side is not an option as the cable already is in the tube. Are there any tips or trickx to remove the cable without cutting in the tube or frame?

2nd problem: How do I remove the steering lock? It does not fit through the hole above? Or is there a bush that needs to be knocked out?

3rd problem: The vespa has a VNA fork without speedo and is on 8 inch wheels which I would like to keep. Which parts do I need to purchase in order to fit the head and speedo of a VBB model?

Already a great thanks from my side.


Hello Boyki007,


I`m verry sorry but we`ve got no informations for scooters from Indonesia.

Our technique department told me the best would be to order following book:


Kind regards

Mario SIP