Vintage Classic Vespa (VBB, VLB, VBC) for sale

Vintage Fully-restored Vespa (VBB, VLB, VBC) for sale

Fully restored with all new parts, upgraded to 10" stainless steel wheels, 12V CDI system and full stainless steel crash guards.

New parts: Front/rear brakes, kick start, drums, front axle, all bearings, seals, hub caps, tires, tubes, fuel tap, levers, front/rear lights, vinyl seats, all cables, all rubber parts, all electrical components, exhaust system, all electrical wires/switches and assemblies, locks with keys, speedometer (kph), horn, emblems, new Carb (Spaco), new cylinder and new piston, piston rings, spark plug, shocks, suspensions, 12V Fly wheel CDI,.... visit our Parts List for full details.

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