VGLA/B tuning

I'm looking for the right carb-cylinder-pipe-combo for my '64 VGLA.

My goal is making it into a beefy, but reliable workhorse as opposed to a full blown racer. Enhancing the top speed is not the most critical because i live in Norway where (except a few places around Oslo) the general speed limit is 80 km/h [:(] But there are a lot of steep inclines and corners, so I want more low-rev climbing power and acceleration.

So far I've come up with Pinasco's (80520000) or Pollini's (14000890) 177cc-kits. I'm thinking that cast iron might be more durable and less prone to overheating, but maybe that's just prejudice.

The 24/24 by Dell'Orto should be sufficient, shouldn't it? Keep in mind I wan't to keep it simple. What kind of jets should I use?

I really can't risk to become the local smanettone, so the exhaust shouldn't be too loud. Judging by SIP's description of their racing exhaust SIP performance (20031000) it would be what I'm looking for.

How does this combo sound to you guys?

With a 3-speed gearbox, I wouldn't bother doing much tuning to the engine. Have a look around for an engine with a 4-speed gearbox, preferably a px engine. 


Now, the simplest most effective things you can do to your engine: 

add a pinasco 177 two-port kit and a sip road exhaust. That'll give you a little more pulling power, allthough your biggest problem is going to be the gearbox. 


This is just a bolt-on upgrade, so it's really simple.. You need to upjet your carb, though.


Takk for your quick and solid reply. I'm pretty sure it's from '64 (frameno. 035005), why do you ask?


Oops... just checked on and they say it's from 61'...


I also wonder what to do about the transmission. Original 3-gear doesn't feel too great.

Firstly: Cast iron is more sensitive to heat than alu kits. This is because alu is conducting heat better. Also another benefit with alu kits is both piston and cylinder is made of the same material compared to eg. the Polini kit which is alu piston and cast iron cylinder and will expand differently. The only downside with alu kits is when it's thrashed it's over and done with. A cast iron kit can be rebored to next oversize.

There are other aspects to consider aswell when deciding what kit to get. Are you gonna match the ports and carb inlet in the casings? The Polini kit has got pretty big ports that won't give you a big smile if you won't be using them. Some kits has 3 ports, the 2 regular and a boost port opposite the exhaust port. The VGLA engine has only got 2 ports and the surface area at the cylinder base will not be sufficient to make the Polini cyl a tight fit. You will have to weld or use chemical metal to seal it up!

Lastly: The Sip performance pipe is made to rev and it is not quiet! ;)

If you just want to slap stuff on your engine and make it torquey I would recommend DR177 kit (10003000) with either a SI20/20 (23917700)(Mainjet around 110-115) or SI24/24 (40000000) (Mainjet around 115-120) carb (you might need a new carb box and air filter aswell). together with a Sip road exhaust (24166000). Take your time to get the jetting right and don't forget to advance your ignition to 18-19 degrees.

If you want more.. Perhaps a Polini 177 with matched ports, race crank, Dellorto PHBH 28 or Mikuni 28 carb with matched inlet. Expansion exhaust like Sip performance, electronic ignition.

PS. Is your VGLA really a '64?