Vespatronic Timing

Hi, just wondering if somebody could advise me of the correct setting for the timing on a ss180 fitted with a Vesptronic 12v ignition, I have recently converted it and now he engine back fires when revs are increased from tick over, new spark plug & lead, removed and cleaned carb, also replaced CDI as precaution, exhaust is good.
I have now purchased timing light and disc to check/set but have read various different reports on what it should be, ranging from 18deg to 33deg BTDC, and am now totally confused?? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi Tim,

just adjust your Vespatronic ignition at 33deg and it will level at 26deg (original timing) when reaching 2000 rpm!

Best regards

Hi Angelo

Thanks for the info, I checked the timing and it looks like it is actually firing past TDC!!
I know this shouldn’t happen but would explain why it struggles to start, sounds rough and keeps miss firing when I try to increase the revs. Can you advise of any checks i can do on the CDI, stator or flywheel?
It is a new Vespatronic kit so I am struggling to understand what could cause this fault??
Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated

Hello Tim,

Could you send us some pictures of the mounted stator plate so we can have a look at what the problem might be?

You could send those pictures to [email protected] and write my name as reference in the mail.

Kind regards Angelo