Vespatronic timing question

I just received the Vespatronic kit from SIP and installed it on my PK ETS.  My PK is currently set up with the Malossi 136kit, Mikuni TM24, Malossi reed valve and a full circle crank.  I set the timing at 17degrees BTDC.  I have lost power in the upper rpm range and it just does not pull like it did with the stock flywheel/stator.  Any suggestions on timing setup or what would have changed with the Vespatronic?




Ah ok ... maybe i understood wrong !


I thought that the ignition is on 17 degrees in the lows, and so i thought that it´s a reason of a exhaust that could not "breeze" in the higher ref´s .....





You must put it at 24º-variation of the advance...I mean that if you put it at 17º it would be at 17º at low rpm , then at high rpm it isn't at 17º.

If the variation is 8º along the rpm must put it at 17+8=25º...

I have the pm tuning PM40 exhaust on the PK.


Hi dude


can you tell what exhaust do you have mounted ?