Vespatronic / parmakit / vespower ignition kits

i'm riding a px 150 and there are no more original italian-made piaggio 120 watt stators in singapore. mechanics here say most of them are indian-made and i've had bad experiences with those. some last only a year! seriously considering switching to one of the above kits, in hopes that they last longer and offer a better current. my scoot is a touring setup. each of my tours tend to be about 2,000km. and i do them about 4 times a year. so i really need a reliable stator! anyone can advice me on this? i notice the kits above have 1 pole less than the original piaggio stator. and i'm not too sure about the wiring too. are they plug and play?


They are fit for your PX150 and plug and play but have little differ for installment