Vespatronic or Parmakit racing CDI?

What do you suggest for M1l-R kit or Parmakit sp09 130cc, havend decided yet. tnx

I have experience with these two ignition´s and the only diference is in the flywheel, theses stator´s  are equal...

parmakit [Y]



I know some friends that have bought the parmakit and put it on a 136cc and its very very good. The engine has an incredible soul...

The parmakit has a better design fan and more choice of colours.

The vespatronic however, comes with the flywheel puller and holding tool, the parmakit don't.

really guys..the parmakit and the vespatronic are the same!just pick your colour!

Hi dude


Basically the system and the quality of both are the same.


I prefer the parmakit because there are different styles of flywheels.



Donno92, your english is very good.[Y]

hi dude,

i think a parmakit is a the best choice,


for racing use vespatronic

for road/tourism use parmakit


sorry for my english but i 'm italian