Vespatronic Ingition Problem


I'm running a liquid-cooled Malossi 221 with a Vespatronic ignition and on my last couple of rides I've had trouble with overheating.

I've traced the problem back to the battery going flat!

I'm running a constant-rated water-pump (I'm running twin radiators behind the legshields, so the pump's always running) and an electronic fuel pump - both of which are drawing very slightly over 2 amps combined.

I've checked that the charging circuit is working (it is), but I don't know what the current into the battery is.

I can try a bigger battery, but if I'm taking out more than I put in it's just delaying the inevitable.

It's a gel-battery so I'm also a bit in the dark about charge and discharge rates.

Has anyone got any ideas about what current the Vespatronic charging circuit can supply???


Ok, after two days in NS Scooters with Dom and Mitch we have fitted a Vespa Cosa 5-pin regulator and it looks like normal service has been resumed.....


Fingers crossed!

Well, a new flywheel is on the way, thanks Jan @ SIP for swapping this - I just hope that this will also cure the lack of electricity!

Ok, well the new flywheel made no difference, so I swapped the regulator for a BGM unit which gave me no better luck.

I tried the BGM one on one of my other scooters and it worked fine, so I then bought a replacement Vespatronic stator and...... still no horn and no lights.

Next was a new horn, switch unit and finally I swapped the complete wiring loom so now that's everything swapped for new and the wiring is as it was when it worked...

I have even connected the output (and earth) to my P200 and vice versa and had the LC running the lights on that, but not been able to repeat it!?!!???



I have a 30+ bhp scooter which I can't ride and it's driving me mental!

now then, it turns out that the horn and lights weren't working, and when the horn was pressed it was wiping my digital speedo out.

Horn swapped - no change

Horn switch swapped - no change

All wire connections, earth connections, wire continuity and so in checked - no change.

Re-checked the charging circuit and it's not actually charging the battery either!

All attention focused on the Vespatronic ignition..... removed the flywheel and it's fallen apart inside!!!!!

I know the crank is good - it's a S&S bell-crank bought from SIP, and the motor's been built by Ian Frankland (Taffspeed) so looks like a call to SIP tomorrow....

Ok, the latest is.....


Having fitted a new switch, loom and swapped the stator, regulator, flywheel etc this is where I'm up to:

I have the horn working fine.

I have the SIP speedo working, until I switch the lights on, then it dies.

No lights (including the brake light)

An output direct from the regulator will light a light, but not if routed through the loom/switch.


This suggests either not enough output from the Vespatronic system or an earth/wiring fault.


I've now given up and it's in the hands of NS Scooters in Stoke.