Vespatronic HELP!

Hi Guys,


I'm in need of help.

I have a 1996 PX 200. I have recently built the following engine:

 - Flown engine casing,

 - PHBH 30mm

 - Bell crank

 - Malissi 210

 - Vesptronic ignition

I have only had it on the road for a few weeks. I took it out for a ride this weekend. On the first day when I gave it a bit of acceleration I broke a woodruff key. I repaired this easily and on the second day after I gave it some acceleration the motor stopped all together. I checked everything again. Woodruff key os ok, fuel ok, cyclinder ok. This leads me to believe that no spark is going to the engine. Is there any way of testing to see whether the CDI unit is still working. Also, I have been having a lot of problems wiring the Vespatronic unit to ensure that lights, indicators and battery are working. This is my main problem. I have followed the instructions provided in the Vespatronic kit but they don't seem to make sense.

Also, I keep craking woodruff keys on the flywheel side. Is this common?

Any help would be most appreciated



I've had loads of problems with my Vespatronic ignition and intermittent problems with my electrics - at the moment I've got no lights and it won't charge my battery.

If you trawl the Internet it doesn't seem too uncommon either.

Sorry if I sound a little negative, but I'm actually on the brink of refitting the original electrics and a add-on retard unit.