Vespa World Days 2013 Belgium Limburg Hasselt



Date and some first facts for Vespa World Days 2013 in Belgium (aka Eurovespa) are known now. The venue will take place in a beautiful small village called Limburg, near Hasselt:


Größere Kartenansicht



The concept


4 day-event in the hosting town and the surroundings. We have chosen for the city of Hasselt in Limburg, Belgium. It's a lively city in a very touristic region. This matches the Vespa World Days perfectly. 2500 to 3000 participants and as many visitors every day. Just as during most of the previous editions we expect the maximum amount of entries will be reached very quickly. We have chosen for free and accessible entrance to the important parts of the event, so that as many people as possible can enjoy the Vespa World Days. In the Hasselt Dusartsquare for example, a real 'Vespavillage' will be built. This will be the heart of the VWD with information desks, shops, places to eat and drink and live music. It will also be free to all the visitors and this the whole weekend long. Taking into account the recent Vespa hype, we are sure to see a range of people at these Vespa World Days. A bonus for the region and its shops. Vespa is for amateurs a lot more than just a way of transport. It's a lifestyle, in which freedom, enjoying and discovering are very important. A tour with a visit to the local places of interest, a nice Belgian beer or a great glass of wine on a terrace, a good dinner in a local restaurant, all pleasures which the real vespist can't decline. All participants to the event will stay in the region during four days. A lot of them will also be able to stay in the region for a longer period.



We are looking forward to it!