Vespa World Days 2011 Gjøvik, Norway


From 26th to 29th may 2011 Vespa World Days take place in Gjøvik (near Oslo), Norway.


Here is the program as far as it is known in this moment:


The VWD2011 organization is currently working on finishing the program, but we are planning these main events:


Thursday 19 may:

- Opening of the Vespa Village


Friday 20 may:

- Rideout to Lillehammer. Lenght of the rideout Gjøvik - Lillehammer - Gjøvik, apx 90 km.


Saturday 21 may:

- Rideout to Kapp. Lenght of the rideout Gjøvik - Kapp - Gjøvik, apx 30 km.

- Vespa Oldtimer Freunde München with theyr acrobatic show outside CC Shoppingmall

- Galladinner

- Late night concert at the Vespa Village


Sunday 22 may:

- Closing of the Vespa Village


According to rules and regulations, participants must be members of the Vespa World Club through their local club or national club. We are currently looking at the possibillity for non members to participate.



Größere Kartenansicht

have you got more information about the transportation ?


Vespa transport

LRN Transport, an international transport company located in Gjøvik, is currently working on a Vespa transport package together with SIP Scootershop. LRN will offer transport of Vespas from Landsberg in Germany to Gjøvik one way, roundtrip or transport from Gjøvik to Landsberg after VWD2011. The scooters will be delivered at the Vespa Viilage.

For more information about terms and conditions, contact Mr Espen Rogne : [email protected]

Riding from Vienna to Oslo, should be a good one next year, heres the link for more info:

So sad to hear that...realy sad...

Why don't you come over to Greece for the 25th National Vespa at the end of August??

We would love to see you here in Greece.






I found SIP Scootershop on the "sponsor"-list for VWD2011.

-is it true?


Would like to see you there!

For many years SIP Scootershop has been supporting the Eurovespa or – as it is now called the Vespa World Days.


This year‘s organizers, the Vespa Club of Norway, informed us now that – contrary to an agreement we already had - we are not wanted as a sponsor or supporter, as Piaggio seems to be against our presence there.


Man, the Pontedera people seem to be quite in awe of us… almost a reason to feel a little proud. Why? We have no clue. What a pity that the Norwegian organizers let Italy put the screws on them like that. Supporting an event in general means: You have work and expenses and get little in return. Still, we would have loved to help and we are truly sad that our enthusiasm was obviously not welcome. 


That is why the SIP team won’t come to Norway, won’t make a SIP TV video, take pictures or write a blog. A pity. We had been looking forward to it.


Nonetheless, we wish all of you who are going there lots of fun and a great event. Ourselves, we wish for an organizing team with a little stronger spine in London 2012.

Found out theres a vehicle night train from Vienna to Hamburg which will cut out a big part of the journey, Hamburg to Frederikshavn (512km) Ferry to Oslo, Oslo to Gjovik (140km) Sorted…