Vespa wont start

just did a complete rebuilt on my vespa 50 special! i put the motor back in wire it all! i try to start it and it wont start! i take out the plug to see if maybe it was wet but the spark plug is dry and looks just as new as when i took it out of the box!!! any tips on what could be the problem?? 


thank you



Hi dude


Please check your carburetor, possible that there is the mistake.

Did you dismount the hole carb. during the rebuild ?



[:S] oh oh ....


thats not good, please mount the oilseal and try again to start and then we´ll see ....





Wow! My memory is not great but . . . . . . . . . . [:|]

souns stupid but it happened to me, check if you got enough fuell in the tank!



yes the carb was fully dismount! i jsut took off the fly wheel and noticed i forgot to put in the oil seal for the crankshaft!!! maybe this could have been the problem!

check the cables inside  engine and condensador

so i checked all the wires there good!

there is spark!!

fuel mix good!

timing is good!

compression good!

i noticed that the carb is losing alot of gas found a big amount of gas on the floor!

alright so i got the oil seal back in and the motor started right up!!! i just need to get the timming set right now~!

alright so i got the timming set! and the scooter still dosnt run it starts up then when you give it throttle it turns off! checked everything and it all looks fine??? any tips? ideas of what it can be??

checked carb ,piston direction,tighted all the bolts,all wires good,


it just starts up then dies

1. Electric wires are connected as usual ?

2. Fuel mixed with air in the correct proportion must be supplied to the enigne cylinder
3. Spark - there must be a strong spark at the proper moment to fire the air/fuel mixture.
4. Proper timing (electr)
5. Compression OK?