Vespa VBC Super Disc Brake Conversion Needs?

Hi All,

Hoping you can help me.

I have a 1966 Vespa VBC Super currently running 10 inch wheels with PX Hubs on Rally Forks, with a PX200 engine.

I would like to convert to a Hydraulic Disc Brake setup and am unsure of all the parts I require.

So far I know I need the following:

Disc Brake Kit Grimeca:

Steering Column for Conversion:

I was wondering what other parts I require such as:

Steering Bearing Kit?

Hoses and Leads?

Main Brake Cylinder and Lever?

Shock Absorber?

Nuts and Bolts?

Can anyone tell me which of the above I need and also if there is anything else I need to complete the conversion?

Thanks in advance and safe scootering.