Vespa VBB1T Clutch-Crankshaft Problem

Despite having purchased 3 different clutches (including a new FA Italia standard 4 plate VBB clutch and a new Surflex standard 3 plate VBB clutch) for my 1961 Vespa VBB1T , the clutch is not going in far enough on to the shoulder stop on the Mazzucchelli VBB racing crankshaft making it sit too far out and rubbing on the clutch cover--there isn't even enough room to put the clutch nut fully on to all of the threads so it's not a case of simply dremeling off 1mm here or there. Is there a difference between the VBB1T and the VBB2T clutch and/or crankshaft ? Is it possible that I have the wrong crankshaft? Can anyone enlighten me as it seems to me that this must be a common or obvious issue yet I have been unable to speak to anyone who is familiar with this?




you also could use this 17650000 its a spacer for the clutchcover!


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you have to use this one 93090000