Vespa VB1 Choke

I've recently bought a Vespa VB1 which has a GT 125 engine in it.  Everything appears to work fine except the choke.  As the carb on a GT is with the engine rather than in the carb box under the seat (as per the VB1) I'm not sure how to keep the original handle of the VB1 choke and make it go to the carb's new location.


It think there are two options:


Have the original VB1 handle under the seat and get a longer cable to go to the engine (not sure what size cable I would need or if this option would work?)


Fit a lever as per the standard GT125 (standard on most old Vespa's, above the petrol flow tap), although this would spoil the look of the outside of the scooter.


 Can anyone advise what is the best option and what I would need to buy to get it to work please.