Vespa - Trying to figure out my Model!

Hi there,

I'm a new owner of what I think in a 1989 px150.
I'm trying to find out what the particular model type of the VESPA is that I have (eg VBA,VXN, etc)
I've been to a ton of websites that do a fantastic job of walking someone through finding out where to look on the frame and on the engine for the particular numbers. Problem is...the numbers I'm getting just don't seem to make sense with any of the references.

My actual VIN is CH448944
The number on the engine is cn447332

Here is a picture of the scooter.
Thanks for any help.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Hi dude,


i guess it´s a LML 150 (indian production)

You can use the most of the PX parts and we sell a few LML parts to !