Vespa tronic gs 160 1st series (with battery)

Hi There I am new at this so please be kind. Ik have a 1962 gs 160 1st series and bought a vespatronic. I have installed it (after having to remove acces glue from the stator plate becuase it wouldn't fit). Now I have difficulty wiring up the ignition properly.

If i follow the manual i gues i have to ad a purple wire to my wiring loom because i have to connect it to position 7 of my key switch, as there is no purple wire i thin ki have to ad this wire. If i connect the yellow wire to the yellow white wire (from the stator plate) and add the purple wire i think the wiring for the lights etc will be ok. HOWEVER The red black wire (from stator plate which is the ignition power wire) will connect to the green wire (through the two black wires) which goes to the key switch and connects to the red wire which goes to the cdi unit. The green wire and the red wire are also connect to terminals 4 and 7 of my key switch.

I cannot believe this to be OK, please help me because i do not want to fry the ignition

Hi guys, 

I've the same problem & finally i found the solution using different  combination:

I start with the fitting of the vespatronic for lambretta with the modification see on scooterhelp using a P200 engine in a gs160. 

So if you have this Electric Diagram (Vsb1t with battery ):

Use this modification without changing the switch & enjoy 






Hi dude


It´s really easy to resolve by using the technical drawing:



Check the Left side !

The 3 cables that come out of the wiring harness have to be bundeled in one thats goes to the regulator.


hope this was helpfull !!




Hi There Larocca,


Thanks for all the help. I have found out that if you want to properly wire the vespatronic to the Gs160 you need to covert the keyswitch to a ss180 switch otherwise it can not be done properly (this switch has more options two seperate circuits). It s working fine now.


With best regards Dennis

Hi There La Rocca,

This is the part i understand, in the manual however there is one more printout which talks about rewiring the keyswitch. I you look at that there are only two wires left on the keyswitch after the conversion, one of them is purple (there is no purple wire going to the keyswitch). this is the part of the manual i do not understand.

Can you give me a explenation of that part or otherwis a basic explenation of the wires from the vespatronic (and to the cdi) so i can wire everything myself I do not want to blow up the ignition before it ever started.

Hi Dennis,

I’m in the same situation as yours: was exchanging the switch all you had to do to get it running or did you make more changes to the circuit?

Thanks, dave

Hi there La Rocca,

I have wired my scooter with the original wiring for a original ignition. It all worked properly. Now I am trying to wire the vespatronic ignition according to the manual that is provided. There are four wires coming out of the ignition, 1 is for the battery (no problem), one is grounded and goes to the CDI unit (no problem). Then there are two more, one is the AC wire and one is the ignition power wire. If i wire these two wires according to the manual i think i am fysicalle connecting them to each other. I think that wil give major problems. If you read the manual you see that there are two wires connected to the key switch What should i do with the rest of the wires that are originally connected to the key switch. I am at a loss please help, can i contact you by phone perhaps?

Hi dude


Basically it´s very hard to help you in an electric question over the board.


Let´s try.


Did you have problems with the wiring colors of your scooter, or are the problems reg. the wires that come out of your ignition ?




Hi Dennis, I just like the other Dave who sent you a message, need to know how you've gone about sorting this conversion out.  I have yet to decide to purchase mine but before I start to buy all of the new electrics for my gs 160 mk1, I thought I should at least look at the options of 12v electronic ignition. I'm trying to find out exactly what I need to change and how to go about it, you have obviously been successful in fitting your system by using an ss180 switch, is there any chance of providing me with a bit of a story of how you've gone about it and what you have done.

Thanks, Dave & Sue