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Hi guys !

Myself and my brother are both Vespa fanatics , and we are going on the ultimate Vespa trip through Africa ... We are leaving our hometown Potchefstroom in South-Africa for 40 days next year December to travel to Zanzibar a island of the coast of Tanzania, the journey is a total of 9500kms ... has anyone ever done something similar , what advice do you have for us regarding parts or travel etc.



last year/this year i rode my 1974 vespa rally 200 from uk to morocco and back...a 10,000km trip all in all.

no major problems really. although i did end splitting my engine and attempted to change the bearings on a hotel rooftop as the quick job i done just before i left the uk was not the best!

spares - i took the usual cables, spark plugs, spare wheel  and tools. i used a 'goop' in my tube/tyres to help prevent punctures. travel light. make sure all your paperwork is in order too!

people (who had never ridden that far) told me to take spare pistons, barrels and all sorts...(why i dont know, i did not take any such thing) there really is no need for that especially  if you have prepared your scooter correctly. sounds like you have a little longer than me to sort your scooter out.

keep it simple.

i kept a blog...

this should tell you a little more.

i think the most important thing is preperation. then you can travel light!

good luck on your trip. i'd like to join you!!! (if i come with you bring some watrerproofs! - see my blog for more!)

Hi dude !


That sound amazing [:D]


The longest trip i´ve done was only 2200 km.

I recommend you to check your scooter as good as possible, engine tires, tubes, cabels etc...


My expirience is that you have to take more spares than clothing with you.


What Vespa exactly do you use for the trip ?

So i can give you some recommendations.




Hi dude


My trip was from Landsberg (near munich) to cres (croatia)


Ok you ride a px.


Do you plan to open the engine or is it still running and in good conditions ?


Do you got a breaker or a pick up ignition ??



Hey man

Yes we are pretty excited , haha yes so ive heard that taking along spares is very important... we are going to be going on vespa p150x's the vlx1t model. where did you take your trip to ?